Join us in celebrating our Inaugural Year!

Grad SHPE & SAGE Networking Event

Getting ready for your proposal? Join Grad SHPE & MRS for:

Grad SHPE & Grad_NSBE get together to a night of painting and hot chocolate

Game Night

Grad School Panel w. UConn Undergraduate SHPE

SHPE 2021 National Convention

MentorSHPE Kick-Off

CV/Resume Peer Review

Let’s Write Together – Collab w. Grad NSBE

SHPE Networking Event- Carpool!

Introducing Grad SHPE event!

Trip to C-Town!!!

Join us for our Welcome Cultural Potluck!!!

Our contribution to #Environmental Representation and CounterSpace – check us out in E2

Proud to announce our Grad SHPE advisor!!!

Join us in welcoming SHPE Graduate Committee!